SSD/CF/USB Copy Station X⁵

Our high-end copy station X⁵ is equipped with up to 80 slots. It is the biggest scalable copy system available on the market and designed for industrial and professional use. X⁵ enables writing data on SSD, CF, SD, USB etc. Additionally, different types of media can be mixed. The speed of X⁵ is unique too: media is copied on each slot with up to 140MByte/s.

5 features of the optimal data storage management solution

The unique concept of the X⁵ copy system enables the individual storage of data on a mass production scale.

The respective copy process starts immediately after insertion of a data medium. Thus, there are less idle periods while loading or unloading the X⁵. 

The X⁵ copy system stores data on different storage devices (e.g. SSD or USB thumb drives) simultaneously.

Storage media are produced on demand and contain respective data assigned to different products. Each slot indicates completion individually and can be assigned to the corresponding product accurately.

The number of copy modules can be adjusted according to required throughput and data volume. Later extension of additional modules is possible.


X⁵ is modularly constructed and can be adapted to changing requirements. Additional modules can be installed in a fast and easy way. The smallest unit consists of one copy module containing 10 slots. A high end copy rack can be equipped with up to eight modules (up ot 80 slots). The interfaces of the slots are based on SATA technology. Through the use of adapter, X⁵ can handle different media types at once. SSD can e.g. be produced at the same time as corresponding USB dongles.

The copy process is carried out asynchronous. This means that each slot is handled separately. An erroneous or slow medium does not affect the whole copy process. The effective speed is mostly defined through the medium itself. If 10 copy jobs are executed at the same time, the maximal speed of 140MByte/s can be reached at each slot. Using e.g. a system with 40 slots, up to 4.000 SSD can be daily produced.


X5 Kopiersystem USB-ModulUsed in Industry 4.0 thanks to its intelligent software

Each copy system is related to the framework OpenRC that we developed. Therefore different interfaces and workflows are available. X⁵ can be run over XML interfaces and by that offers a high flexibility. It can be fully integrated in different systems (e.g. ERP systems like SAP) and production lines. Job orders can be automatically sent by superior production systems or manually inserted over a process that is adapted to the special workflow of the customer.

New job orders can be inserted over a web interface at any time. At the interface, the actual status of each job can be retrieved - if required, through a touchscreen directly at the copying station. The GUI can be used with any browser. If required the controlling can also take place over smartphones, tablet PCs etc.

Technical Data

19" copy module

Amount of slots per module: 10
Max. writing speed per slot (asynchronous) 140 MByte / second
Base interface SATA - 2,5"
Supported media:
  • 2,5" SSD
  • 2,5" HDD
  • CF
  • Cfast
  • SD
  • USB
Replacement frame: can be replaced during operation
Software: X-Net OpenRC Framework


Copy system

Max. Amount of copy modules (in one 19" rack): 8
Display: 19" touch screen
Control server: rack unit server
UPS: 19" rack mounted
19" rack: WxDxH 600 x 600 x 2000 mm (without wheels)

Product information

X5 Ausschnitt Prospekt - Deckblatt"The first copy system that keeps track of which data is stored at which location on which media at which time."

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Rack unit:

Each rack can be equipped with different components - depending on the requirements of the customer:

  • up to 8 copy modules
  • touch screen
  • gateway server
  • mini PC
  • switch
  • UPS
Connection of barcode scanner / RFID scanner:

Operation areas are e.g.:

  • unambiguous assignment of the storage media
  • starting a copy job
  • writing of the unique ID of each media in a data base

Corresponding driver and specifications are required.

Connection of a label printer:

X5 Etikettierstation

Operation area is e.g.:

  • individual labeling of each media

Working Process

X5 Darstellung WorkflowX⁵ supports customized work flows and processes. The spectrum goes from the automation of product specific productions with individual data over just-in-time productions to simple copy processes. Within the implementation of a copying process, the whole production environment is involved to generate an optimized output.

The following examples show the possibilities that X⁵ offers:

  • Pre-Programming: SSD, CF etc. have a unique ID which can be read out in a first step. The generated label (e.g. datamatrix code) containing this ID allows the follow up of the actual software status of the medium.
  • Actions during the copying process: After transferring an order to the system, the assigned slots wait until a medium is filled in. In the case that a medium is already in the slot and does not correspond to an earlier job, the copy process is started. This allows that the slots can be filled before a job order is started. The media are verified (e.g. reading out of the ID) and the corresponding data is loaded from the server in a cache. Optionally, each medium can be verified after the writing process. The verifying can vary, the possibilities go from a CRC hash sum calculation (very time intensive) to tests of the file system or of partitions. After positive verification an XML report is generated. The report can be saved on a file server or transferred over other interfaces (e.g. XML-RPC). On a web interface status and job information are symbolized.
  • Post-Programming: Within the final assembling or after the copy process, the media is scanned to verify the production and the assignment. A label printer automatically prints the necessary information.

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