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Powerful Blu-Ray Production

To produce individual Blu-ray Discs with 25 GB or even 50 GB of data, there has to be considered a special solution for transferring the data. We have developed our own embedded system that links-up the devices directly to enable the automated production of Blu-ray Discs where each disc has another content.
Powerful Blu-Ray Production

Logo of the Blu-ray Disc

Logo der Blu-Ray DiscBlu-ray Discs are developed especially for huge mounds of data and high definition video formats. As subsequent of the DVD, the Blu-ray Disc can save more data than a conventional DVD. The memory space of a single layer Blu-ray Disc (25GB) is more than 5 times higher than the memory space of a DVD. A dual layer Blu-ray Disc (50GB) is equivalent to a high definition video of 9 hours or a standard video of 23 hours.

The huge mounds of data are a challenge when Blu-ray Discs should be produced with standard robot systems. Especially, when each Blu-ray Disc has inidividual and unique content, the transferring of the date (25 GB or even 50 GB for each Blu-ray Disc) is not trivial any more. The data has to be transferred from the data source to the robot system - at the same time for each device.

Additionally, the editing of data can be necessary before burning it on a Blu-ray Disc (e.g. the creation of an ISO image). If the ISO image is already generated before the data is transferred to the robot system, the whole ISO image has to be transferred. But if the data is divided in static and variable content that is transferred differently, the ISO image is generated at least directly at the robot system.

Powerful connection for our robot systems

To be able to manage huge mounds of data and a high computing capacity at the same time, we have developed an embedded system that connects the devices directly over SATA. One embedded board controls two devices at a time. The processor is positioned close to the devices to maximize the data rate.

The embedded boards read in the data automatically from one or from a number of network devices and burn them on the media. This procedure gives more space to the OpenRC server - who is only in charge of the coordination of the devices and the generation of the burning data (ISO file).

In the case that one board has an error, a maximum of two devices are not available any more. All other devices that are controlled over another board can still go on with the production.

Modular build-up

The DiscMaker can be equipped with up to 15 of these boards that are connected directly to two devices. This ensures a modular build-up - the DiscMaker can be equipped depending on the requirements with 2 to 30 devices.