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The DiscMaker contains up to 30 burning devices and up to three printing systems and is able to produce up to 4000 CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays a day. Though we focus on the single copy: each medium is customized and can have an individual content and can be individually labelled.

DiscMaker - up to 30 CD, DVD, BD burning devices and up to three printing systems

The design of the DiscMaker allows a complete integration in production lines, where the production of individual, product-specific and/or personalized media in great amounts is necessary. Considering the high requirements of industrial companies, we developed a completely new overall system that allows a customized and order related data transfer.

Der DiscMaker ist mit einem hochprofessionellen Design ausgestattet, um die Wertigkeit der Vervielfältigungen von CD, DVD und Blu-Ray wiederzuspiegeln.The integration of up to 30 burning devices and up to three printing systems leads to a worldwide unique capacity to provide data on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray. Additionally, the production process assures cost effectiveness, a smooth integration in existing infrastructure and high flexibility, especially concerning alternative printing systems and media (e.g. label printing with ink jet or thermo re-transfer is possible as well as the use of pre-printed media).

The design of the DiscMaker as well as the production process are on the one hand matched to the environment of mass production. On the other hand the production of discs can be started by the visitors of exhibitions or events themselves. Different modules and options (e.g. single output bins, cooling units, display outside, display for services etc.) can be combined and thereby different areas of use are covered.

© X-Net Technologies GmbHThe advantages at a glance:

  • Individual production - each disc is completely different
  • Modular construction
  • Clustering of numerous robot systems possible
  • Automated production, adapted to the environment
  • Different data resources are possible - burned data can have different data sources
  • Easy to handle
  • Maximum output: up to 4000 discs a day
  • Highly reliable
  • Minimal service effort
  • Controlling over the network from different locations possible
  • Starting of production over web-interfaces, RFID, codes etc.


The development of the media robot system called DiscMaker was funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in the national structural program COIN 'Cooperation and Networks'. You will find more information to the history of the development and the design under X-Net Explore.

Technical data

Technical DataDescription
Measurements (W x D x H): 800 x 800 x 2400 mm
Weight: 320 kg
Electrical connection: high voltage current
System requirements:

gigabit Ethernet / fiber channel
The pre-processing of the data can be sourced out to virtual machines. For each device, a maximum of one virtual machine is possible.

Connecting plug: RJ45 gigabit Ethernet or fiber glass
Number of devices:

up to 30 burning devices:

  • CD
  • DVD (DVD-DL)
  • Blu-Ray (Blu-Ray DL)
up to 3 TurnTable
Number of printing systems: up to 3 printing systems
Options label printing:
  • Thermo re-transfer
  • Thermo transfer
  • Inkjet
  • TurnTable v.3.0 for pre-printed media
combinations of different printing options are possible
  • input bin for up to 2400 media
  • up to 12 input bins
  • each input bin has a capacity of 200 discs
  • each input bin can be charged with different discs (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, pre-printed media)
  • variable switch over between input and output bin
  • bins can be removed and filled separately
  • bins are lockable (for archiving purposes)
Capacity single output bin:
  • up to 6 single output bins
  • up to 20 disc per single output bin
Speed of robotic: 2 m/s
  • service access at the front and at the back
  • modules are on slides and can be separately pulled out
  • defined service intervals
  • device modules can be changed easily
  • service of printers, modules and bins during operation possible (production goes on in the other modules)


Technical DataDescription
Software version OpenRC 3.0
  • assignment and status control via XML
  • XML-RPC API calls
  • data transfer via SMB, CIFS, FTP, NFS, SFTP, USB, HTTP
  • web interface
  • wireless LAN
  • directly over the display (inside / outside)


Functions / AttributesOption DesignOption Data Center
input / output bin with a capacity of 200 discs: max. 9 x 200 max. 12 x 200
Number of single output bins: max. 6 -
Display: external user touchscreen / internal administration display internal administration display
Cooling system: Climate control unit top therm -
Thermal closed side boards: glass front door / closed side surface -

Cost / Disc

Production volume: 150 Discs / hour (depreciation of hardware according to the discs used) Info Icon


Prices are based on the production of CDs which contain approximately 700 MB and accordingly the production of DVD which contain approximately 2 GB.

Please note: A robot system can produce CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays etc. parallel at the same time.

Discs used



Pre-printed discs with individual imprint b/w (Thermo-Transfer)

Full-cover printing (Thermo-ReTransfer)
Fixed costs Info Icon
0,076 0,101 0,074 0,098 0,409
Variable costs Info Icon
0,273 0,294 0,497 0,586 1,552
Service costs Info Icon
0,040 0,040 0,040 0,040 0,040
Costs per discInfo Icon
0,389 0,435 0,611 0,724 2,001

All prices in Euro excluding of VAT.

The listed costs are target values. The prices of consumables may be subject to changes. Within the calculation, the prices are based on the purchasing of the whole production amount of a year at once.


Download .pdf: Factsheet DiscMaker