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Web Shops and Payment Systems

We have high expertise in the integration of web shops in existing web pages. We connect the shops to enterprise resource planing (ERP) systems or to logistic software or any other relevant platform. Additionally, we integrate payment and transaction services.
Web Shops and Payment Systems

Shopping cart (A. Armyagov / editing: Ulf Kossak)

Einkaufswagen mit X-Net Logos Copyright: Urheber: A. Armyagov / Bearbeitung: Ulf KossakTo run a web shop is more than only connect the shop to a web page. It is important to take other workflows like order management, distribution processes, logistics or stock management into account. Existing ERP systems and logistic software have to be connected to the web shop as e.g. order details and customers have to be mapped in the enterprise resource planing system.

We have implemented different projects and we have high expertise in the integration of interfaces. The connection of another service or software can be implemented by using REST interfaces or XML or by directly accessing the data base. We use interfaces to adapt various shop systems to heterogeneous IT services and to be able to automatically handle the orders. The automation is very important to reduce the effort for data input, checkup of orders and controlling the receipt of payment.


Connection of payment services

A web shop can only be run when there is a possibility to pay the products. In most cases, different methods of payment are possible. We connect web shops to different payment and transaction services and for that work together with various payment provider for online payment.

To be able to implement transactions we integrate the interfaces of the payment provider. This allows the choice of a payment method as well as the automated start of the payment process. After finishing the payment process, this is automatically reported to the web shop and, if necessary, to the ERP system. There is also a report to the web shop in case of an error.