Consulting & Support

No matter if our are thinking about expansion, IT structural improvement or reinstalling IT services - we are a highly professional and reliable business partner and, in consultation with our customers, we plan and deliver optimum solutions. Additionally, we make sure that the network architecture operates smoothly.

Our main advantage in supporting companies networks is our expertise in remote maintenance and servicing. Problems and service challenges can be solved and needful system changes can be effected in a very short time via VPN connections.

Apart from enjoying short response times, customers save on cost-intensive driving fees etc. that network advisers will normally charge. The great majority of emerging faults and nearly any necessary system adaptation can be put right and realized via VPN.

A service agreement specifies support services according to the customers needs and requirements. Services defined in this way may include e.g.:


© ferkelraggae / Fotolia.comOptimal IT infrastructure - the result of best advice

The central aim of our consulting activities is to develop solutions that are secure and easy to service. Each individual solution is tailored specifically to suit the customer's needs and wishes and allows the interaction of various different types of hardware and software, especially open source software.


We are glad to consult you in the following areas:

  • Network and server structures
  • Network renovation
  • Security requirements
  • Firewall and security management
  • Cross-linking of various locations (VPN)
  • Structuring through IP concepts
  • Specific hardware and software projects
  • Special developments


We provide in-service trainings and courses to encourage the safety awareness of company workers and to simplify the handling of available resources. Transfer of know-how will enable customers to service specific areas themselves.